Faculty of Health and Medical Science
Teikyo Heisei University


Faculty of Health and Medical Science

Department of Health and Dietetics

Training knowledgeable, skilled dieticians with a rich, humane spirit.

Our diverse faculty includes doctors, dieticians and other professionals who cultivate in our students the broad range of knowledge and abilities needed by dieticians. Dieticians play an important role in team medical care, and this program provides them with the communication skills they need to work with professionals in other occupations.

Department of Psychology

Nurturing the psychological care specialists who help society.

This department gives students a deeper understanding of clinical and non-clinical society, asking the question, "What is humanity?" We cultivate professionals capable of independently approaching the various psychological issues and social issues faced by society today.

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Therapy

Cultivating specialists who help improve people's ability to communicate.

Students tour medical facilities and engage in practical training as they gain the knowledge and techniques used to help people improve their speech, hearing and other communication abilities. Our ultimate aim is to train speech and language therapists with social skills, insight and empathy.

Department of Occupational Therapy

Training individuals capable of working in the field of occupational therapy by providing them with exercises and practical training that enables them to polish their skills.

Students are provided with lectures, practical exercises and training on campus and clinical training off campus. Our goal is to cultivate occupational therapists capable of working in the community and responding to the various occupational needs of their patients.

Department of Physical Therapy

Training individuals capable of working as physical rehabilitation specialists in various situations.

Disease, aging, and sporting injuries can all cause degradation in motor function, and this department trains physical therapists who help patients maintain and improve motor functionality using exercise, heat, electrical therapy, and other physical methods.

Department of Medical CourseParamedic Course

Paramedics stand at the front lines of life-saving. This program teaches students the knowledge and techniques of the field through practical education.

Paramedics work in emergency medicine and on disaster sites with the aim of protecting lives. Instructors with rich experience in the field of emergency medical care pass on their knowledge, and students learn everything from the most fundamental techniques to more specialized topics.

Department of Medical CourseMedical Engineering Course

Cultivating the medical equipment specialists who serve as the bedrock of cutting-edge medical care.

Our goal is to train the clinical medical technicians responsible for reliably operating medical equipment, from the devices that perform the biological functions of internal organs to the equipment that makes diagnosis and treatment easier and more accurate.