Faculty of Health Care and Medical Sports
Teikyo Heisei University


Faculty of Health Care and Medical Sports

Department of Judo Physical TherapyTrainer and Judo Physical Therapy Course

Cultivating individuals who will be active in community medicine and sports.

We train judo therapists to be injury experts capable of working in the fields of community medicine and nursing care, as leaders in physical exercise designed to help patients recover functionality. This course is aimed not only at judo therapists, but also at certified Japan Sports Association certified athletic trainers.

Department of RehabilitationOccupational Therapy Major

We utilize lectures and practical training with a focus on applicable skills to cultivate individuals who can help the community.

Students learn about basic medicine and occupational therapy from a practical perspective, and then acquire a wide range of knowledge about sociology, psychology and other fields in order to get a better understanding of the people who live in local communities. We are cultivating occupational therapists capable of working in the real world medical field.

Department of RehabilitationPhysical Therapy Major

Giving students the physical therapy methods and emotional strength needed to support local communities.

Students in this program are given the mental framework of physical therapists need to harness physical therapy methods to ensure that people can continue to live comfortably in the homes and towns they are used to. We also train therapists who help those with disabilities understand that they too can take part in athletic sports.

Department of Medical SportsParamedic Course

Cultivating individuals who contribute to communities by providing emergency medical care.

Our goal is to train paramedics who can cope with the realities of working on the front lines of emergency medicine. We are cultivating high-quality professionals with practical abilities using a thorough practical education based in exercises and drills.

Department of Medical SportsTrainer and Sports Course

Training professionals with knowledge and practical skills that allow them to work in the physical education and sporting fields.

Our students are future leaders who contribute to disease prevention and health improvement and maintenance through exercise and participation in sports. In addition, we train those who will work as middle and secondary school educators (in health and physical education), and trainers who support the work of athletes from a medical perspective.

Department of Medical SportsAthlete Course

Training the athletes and coaches of the sporting world.

Our goal is to train future top athletes and coaches in various sports. In addition, students also have the option to become school coaches in the future with the acquisition of middle or secondary school teacher's certification (in health and physical education).

Department of Medical SportsAnimal Medical Course

Cultivating nationally qualified veterinary nurses and professionals with other qualified credentials in the fields related to companion animals.

The animal medicine course cultivates comprehensive experts of the veterinary nursing, with professional knowledges to support veterinarians, techniques of the veterinary medicine and the animal care, and abilities to smoothly communicate with animal guardians.  The course trains up talented persons who can contribute to not only the veterinary medicine but also fields related to companion animals and to the human medicine.

※This qualification is being applied as the national qualification from 2023.

Department of Nursing

Our department trains nurses - the trusted medical professionals who stand side-by-side with the patients in their communities.

We give our students a deeper psychological and physical understanding of people needed by medical nurses, public health nurses, midwives and others in the nursing professions. We nurture in them the ability to put that knowledge into practice accurately and empathetically.