Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Teikyo Heisei University


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Juvenile EducationElementary and Special Needs Education Course

Training "child experts" who learn everything from education to psychology and social welfare.

We deepen student understanding of children by teaching them about various aspects of the issues that surround them, including education, psychology, health, nutrition, and social welfare. Highly-educated instructors provide lectures and practical laboratories based in real-world educational conditions.

Department of Juvenile EducationNursing and Preschool Education Course

Cultivating specialists in Early Childhood Education capable of nurturing children in a healthy, reliable way.

Students learn the fundamental knowledge needed to work in the fields of childcare, early childhood education, and social welfare. They gain applicable skills through practical training in how to play, both physically and otherwise, through piano teaching techniques, playing, and reading picture books.

Department of Human CultureWelfare Course

Cultivating individuals with the broad social welfare knowledge needed in the future.

Students learn how to support and how to be supported from a variety of perspectives with a focus on the specialized knowledge and counseling and assistance techniques used in the field of social welfare.

Department of Human CultureMedia Culture Course

Students make their dreams of working in the media field come true through practical study.

Students learn about the production process in practical courses that teach video, photography, design, art, and more, in order to nurture the skills they need to survive as our world's future creators.

Department of Human CultureGlobal Communication Course

Our goal is to cultivate global citizens who can work on the international stage.

Students gain a diverse range of knowledge and understanding through various programs. They also gain the linguistic skills they need to communicate what they learn, and to communicate with people from other cultures in a way that leads to mutual understanding.

Department of BusinessBusiness Course

Training business people with practical skills.

Based in the practical learning philosophy, students in this program gain linguistic skills and other specialized knowledge, but also acquire better social etiquette and a greater sense of humanity. The department aims to nurture business people with communication and thinking skills, and other practical abilities.

Department of Business AdministrationTrainer and Sports Management Course

Cultivating individuals who serve as the backbone of the sporting world through multidisciplinary learning of training techniques and management skills.

Students gain a comprehensive understanding of fields as varied as sports medicine and management. From the world of professional sports, to sporting facilities and manufacturers, students from this faculty are trained to take up one of many roles in the field of sports.

Department of Business AdministrationBusiness Information Course

Training computing professionals who can work in a variety of fields.

Students learn about more than computers and the internet in this program - they are provided with various IT knowledge, including IT management, ensuring they are capable of working in a wide range of fields.

Department of Tourism Management

Our aim is to help students polish their linguistic and thinking skills, ensuring they have the skills they need to excel in the field of tourism.

Students are given applicable skills, practical abilities, and English communication skills they need for the real-world tourism industry through practical lessons and hands-on training classes.